Hossein Zainalipour, Fatemeh Mahmoodi, Yaghoob Raissi Ahvan


The Elements of Corporate Culture in Effective Secondary Schools of Bandar Abbas

The present research aimed to identify the elements of corporate culture in Farzanegan schools (schools for gifted and talented students) of Bandar Abbas in Iran. National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents ( NODET ) are national selective schools in Iran developed specifically for the development of exceptionally talented students. In this study we employ a grounded theory approach and a systematic plan. The population of this study consists of all principals, teachers, and students of high schools for gifted students in the city of Bandar Abbas in Iran. Fifty-two principals, teachers, and students were selected through purposeful and theoretical sampling and were interviewed by a main question and a number of open questions. The reliability of research for data collection tools was determined by using generator questions. The data were analyzed using grounded theory. In the conceptualization stage, 33 concepts were extracted from the responses of the interviewees. The concepts were categorized in three dimensions of corporate culture and then the known dimensions were free coded with titles of organized organization, role model, and strategic initiatives. Then, code of strategic initiatives (actions) was selected as the key code and explained the other codes by paradigm pattern.
Key word:
effective schools, elements of corporate culture, grounded theory, qualitative research