Leila Khajehpour, Ali Reza Yousefi, Narges Keshtiaray


The Lust and its Management Strategies in Saadi Bustan

This study is aimed at investigating the concept of lust emotion and its management strategies in Saadi Bustan. The data collection method is the descriptive-analytical method, and the analyzed sample is Saadi Bustan. The results suggest that the humans control himself and try to bypass his animal aspect. His recommendations regarding the control of physical and sexual passions include: eating less and leaving self-indulgence, contentment and leaving greed, remembering death and seizing life, having shame before the Lord of the universe, struggling with carnality, putting the reason and wisdom as ruling powers, not being disappointed of returning to the right way and doing repentance, and the direct and explicit way of forbearance and marriage and choosing the right and pious partner to control sexual lust. The result: Saadi has known the human dignity values restricted to the humanistic encounters that arose from the human spirit. From his perspective, the adornment of the human body and appearance is not the criterion of humanity, and if human life is based on eating, sleeping, anger, and lust, so there is no difference between humans and animals. He knows the severe adherence to mundane world as the seduction of self and downgrades to animal levels believes that the suppression of this fulsome self-help the human beings to achieve the true human position and the nearness of the soul to God.
Key word:
Lust, Lust Management, Saadi Bustan